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Personalized Fitness & Therapy Programs in Denver, CO

Get in shape and learn how to deal with different emotional issues you're facing by turning to Fit Well Innovations. We offer life-changing fitness and therapy programs in Denver, CO. Our services include:

Golf Performance Program

Golf is a sport that requires many physical attributes like endurance, power, and flexibility. When you participate in this program, we first screen and assess your level for each of them. Without this information, strength and flexibility programming is non-specific to your needs. Because of this assessment, each program is written specifically for the individual and in no way considered generic.

Psychology of Sport Training

These sessions can be adapted to performers and coaches at all levels, such as educational- or behavior-modification-based. Specific protocols and modalities are made depending on your needs.

Exercise Psychotherapy

Through research, we have found that combining exercise and therapy has a dramatic effect on your mood, self-esteem, and mental state. This impact is sometimes as effective as using medication and undergoing traditional therapy talk. Our program helps you improve and increase:

  • Self -Esteem
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Body Awareness

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is different from couples counseling in many ways. It focuses on improving relationship skills, such as communication, because many people were not taught them while growing up. Through introspection and personal growth (typical focus areas in traditional couples counseling) are extremely important. They don't guarantee more successful relationships. Coaching identifies conflict patterns and teaches new options to remove those patterns and create healthier relationships.

Early Relationship Coaching & Pre-Marriage Coaching

If you've had unsuccessful relationships in the past, are fearful of failing in a relationship, or just want to start out on the very best foot, this program is for you. We will identify communication styles, coach problem solving, and help you in asking the tough questions. Find out if you are compatible and where the problems will arise.

Additional Coaching Services

Besides the coaching programs mentioned above, we also specialize in many other areas. We offer:

  • Individual Counseling & Coaching
  • Adolescent Counseling & Coaching
  • Enneagram Typing & Education
  • Individual Wellness Coaching
  • Individual Coaching